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Swim the Fly - a seriously funny book

I'm sure I'm not the intended audience for Swim the Fly, a seriously funny first YA from Don Calame. I'm not a male teenager, but a middle-aged woman. Even so, I loved it! [Full disclosure: I have never met Mr. Calame. I picked the book up on dlgarfinkle's recommendation.

The book is about 15 year old Matt and his two best friends, Coop and Sean. Every summer they have a goal. And when the book opens, they decide that their goal is to see a real live naked girl in person. How they meet that goal is a lot funnier than you might expect. The three are on a swimming team, and Matt finds himself volunteering to swim the butterfly to impress the beautiful Kelly.

As you might expect, there's a lot of jokes about farts and masturbation. But there's also a lot of heart.

And it's just plain funny.

Matt often lies to get himself out of trouble - haven't we all? (Trust me, if what follows doesn't seem funny, when you read the book and come to this section, you will find yourself laughing out loud.)

"I realize now that I am terrible, terrible liar. I mean, how am I supposed to get a picture of my entire swim team in dress clothes with towels around their necks and goggles on their heads? And how am I supposed to get Pete to buy Mom a giant, unhideable present? What would that even be? A statue? A totem pole?"

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