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One result in the decline in newspapers: fewer book tours

In an online article on indiereader.com, a New York publicist says this about book tours: "There's no reason to throw money at venues hosting authors if you're not also getting local media. It is important to support independent booksellers since their staffers will handsell a book if an author visits that store and they'll put the book out front. That matters - we don't discount those impacts. But it is hard to justify book tours without the media coverage."

The article continues,”Two of the most valued cities for books coverage - Seattle and Denver - have each lost one of their two daily newspapers this year, cutting books' coverage there by half, or more.”

And, in case you’re curious, the article also has a widely accepted “A list” of tour cities:
New York
Washington, D.C.
San Francisco
Los Angeles

[Full disclosure: even though we’re on this list, I still see lots of authors skipping right from San Francisco to Seattle, without a stop in between.]

To read more of this very thorough article on book tours, click here.

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