aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Agent appreciation day

How do I love my agent, Wendy Schmalz? Let me count the ways.

We have been together since 1993. That's longer than some folks have been married!

When she first picked me up, she worked at Harold Ober. Do you know who Harold Ober represents? First of all, they have been in business since the 1930s, so they represent the estates of Fitzgerald, Faulkner, Christie, and more. They also represent JD Salinger. I once lied and said I had lost my list of clients, in the hopes of seeing my name on the same piece of paper as Salinger's. Unfortunately, they had too many clients, and the H and S listings were several pages apart.

I trust her. I trust her decisions, I trust her with my money, and if I needed to, I would trust her with my life.

She's funny.

My first two books did not sell, but she never, ever said "If you don't make a sale soon, I'm out of here."

We agree politically.

She has stuck with me through thick and thin, good times and bad, great reviews and great sales, crappy reviews and crappy sales, great reviews and crappy sales, and crappy reviews and great sales.

She knew I wanted to quit my day job and because she herself had gone out on her own, she understood how scary/invigorating it was when I finally did.

When a pitbull is called for, Wendy can be the pitbull and I get to still be the nice one.

And a couple of times when I have gotten in trouble for running my mouth, she has cleaned up after me and made nice.

She has helped make so many of my dreams come true: getting published, quitting my day job, getting on the NYT bestseller list. She believed in those dreams even during long years when it looked like none of them would ever happen.

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