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Do you have a Kindle? Do you have $1.99?

This week, I put one of my old books on Kindle, about eight months after all the cool kids figured out how to do it.


This isn't just any book. It was a Booksense Pick, an Otto Penzler Pick for Amazon and the recipient of starred reviews in Booklist and Library Journal. Library Journal also chose it as one of the best books of 2002. Foreign rights sold in the Netherlands, Japan and France.

The book is about Free Meeker, a 19-year-old with a shaved head, a tattoo around her bicep, an unplanned pregnancy, and a jerk of a boyfriend. All she wants is a new life. And when she is involved in a multi-car accident and is mistakenly listed among the dead, and ends up with a dead drug dealer's bag of money - fate seems to be handing her her ticket out .

Here's a selection of what some critics said:

"Compulsive reading ... A classic tale of an innocent on the lam, Learning to Fly has the kind of plot that would have made Hitchcock smile in evil anticipation of its cinematic possibilities."
- Penzler Pick, Amazon

"The suspense becomes deliciously unbearable. With Learning to Fly, Henry soars straight into the big leagues."
- Starred Review, Booklist

"Features a most interesting plot, told with easy
grace, choice characterization and mounting tension."
- Starred Review, Library Journal

"A sure-footed chase novel that starts with a bang and rarely slows down."
- Seattle Times

"A high tension thriller [with] an endearing heroine."
- Denver Post

"April Henry's debut, Circles of Confusion, garnered a lot of attention. This book proves that she's a talent tot watch, delivering solid characters, good plot, and a great sense of place."
- Canada's Globe and Mail

"Learning to Fly soars with suspense."
- South Florida Sun-Sentinel

"A carefully plotted look at what can happen when a person's dreams come true, she has all the money she can spend - but she can't shake off the ties of the past."
- Dallas Morning News

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