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I guess it's not true that Eskimos have 17 different words for snow. And they're not even Eskimos any more, I think they are Aleuts. But when wouldn't they have more words for snow? After all, they have to deal with it more.

It doesn't rain a lot every place in Oregon. It's concentrated in the upper left corner of the state. Here Oregonians have at least a dozen ways to describe the potential for rain or rain itself. There are showers, scattered showers, sprinkles, chance of showers, rain, rain developing, chance of rain, drizzle, thunderstorms, light rain, heavy rain, pouring rain, and sleet. To us, these all mean different things.

There's also "the devil is beating his wife," which isn't a very Oregon-type saying, but it means rain and sunshine at the same time. And we do call rain "liquid sunshine."

Today I told myself that, when it comes to running, a rainy day is what separates the men from the boys. Or the women from the girls.

Can you think of any more words for rain?

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