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iPods save lives!

In case you need an excuse to buy one...

From Associated Press: An iPod glowing in the middle of the night from thick underbrush led rescuers to a mushroom picker lost in the woods.

The search leader said Pini Nou, 25, was on his first outing and got separated from his mother, an experienced mushroom hunter. At nightfall, she called Benton County authorities for help.

Peggy Peirson, acting county emergency management coordinator, said Nou used his cell phone to describe the landscape to rescuers as best he could in the darkness.

They finally located the Vancouver, Wash., man after 1 a.m. Friday when a member of a search and rescue team saw the light from the iPod, she said.

Nou, lacking a flashlight, had been using the music device for light, Peirson said.

She said the underbrush was so thick it took rescuers more than 20 minutes to reach Nou once they saw the glow.

Pierson said he was lightly dressed, and Nou said he was cold and tired and had aching feet.

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