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Can you make a bestseller? A look at Hush Hush

Some steps:
- Buy it auction. You’ll have to put out marketing money to get back your investment.
- Run ads for ARC giveaways.
- Work with bloggers. "We offered them signed copies after the book was bound and created limited-edition posters for them to use and offer as giveaways on their sites. We also reached out to Twilight fansites."
- Cross your fingers that someone - two someones who love Twilight, in this case - builds a fan site.
- Make a trailer that runs in movie theaters at screenings of a like-minded movie (Twilight, in this case).
- Give hardcovers to movie theatre audiences in some markets.
- Run an ad on a really popular site (Perez Hilton, in this case)

Did it work? Seven printings in less than three months and #10 on the NYT list - I would say yes.

Read a more in-depth analysis here.

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