aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

An open letter to my body

Why don't you like me anymore?

I've done the things I thought were good for you - like taking that new "Butts and Guts" class at the gym that now makes it impossible for me to sit down and/or laugh without wincing.

And I've done the things I thought you secretly wanted me to do - like buying that bag of Nacho Cheese Doritos. I still remember when those came out in 1971. My God, they were tasty! I thought you would enjoy a trip back down memory lane.

And how do you repay me? I've been sick since Dec. 18. First you get some kind of virus, which lead to conjunctivitis (so I had to wear my glasses, and let me just say, body, you are not that cute in glasses), and then it turned into sleepless nights because I kept coughing (bags under eyes not hidden by glasses), and then it became a sinus infection. Which, after 10 days of antibiotics and Vicodin-laced cough syrup, slowly cleared up.

And then I had basically one day where you, my body, was not hurting, except for the above mentioned butt and gut.

But now, now you have come down with some new virus. That's what the doctor says. A virus! So there aren't even any drugs.

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