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Pros and Cons of being a famous fantasy author

Pro: Tons of money, possible cool new game. New Line has signed a videogame licensing deal with Sega for Philip Pullman's "His Dark Materials." Numerous video game publishers are known to have been interested, since fantasy franchises based on bestselling books, such as "Lord of the Rings" and "Harry Potter," have been big hits in the game world.

Con: Possible death. The Rev. Graham Taylor is the author of Shadowmancer. Some critics say he’s "hotter than Potter" and the new CS Lewis. Taylor says he's living in fear after death threats were posted on the internet days before the wheel fell off his car while his chauffer was driving him. Later, it was discovered to be attached by only one lug nut.

"I'm the victim of an insidious hate campaign among some adults who don’t like my books. These people flood the web with messages inciting harm towards me, and one recent posting read ‘should we want to kill him.' It was very scary when the front nearside wheel fell off as we were just 50 yards from the junction of the motorway. A few minutes later we’d have been doing 70 mph and it could have been fatal.

After self-publishing his first book, Shadowmancer, in 2002, while employed as a $20,000-per-year vicar, Taylor, 42, was picked up by a major publisher and has since netted more than $2 million from book sales and film deals.

While the disabled vehicle was being towed, the tow truck burst into flames.

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