aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Five things on a Friday

1. I am still kind of sick. Day 35 and counting.

2. Despite this, my time to run five miles on Wednesday was only 12 seconds slower than my best time for 2009. (Which took place on the last day I was well).

3. I FINALLY have traction on the two books I was trying to get started. (Note to self: next time, stagger!)

4. I offered up a critique in an auction to raise funds for Bridget Zinn, a YA writer who has cancer. I thought the 20 pages of a manuscript I read showed a lot of promise - and also had several problems. I offered to re-read it if she re-wrote it. She started from a completely different place. All I can say is - Wow!

5. I really think winter is over here. I saw a fruit fly today.

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