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Confessions of a book pirate

Do you ever wonder who is reading pirated books? The Millions conducted an interview with a guy in his mid-30s, a computer programer who has uploaded hundreds of books illegally and downloaded thousands.

Maybe because I write in the YA word and the adult world, I had visualized illegal downloads as more of a behavior by teens.

He says, “I have specific tastes, so it is usually not very easy to find specifically what I am looking for. The dearth of material I was interested in is what prompted me to scan in the past, in order to share some of my favorite, less popular authors with as many people as possible.”

How nice. He is sharing some of his favorite, less popular authors. Only hm, does this benefit those authors? You could say that people might be more inclined to buy their books in the future once they’ve read them for free. Or you could say that people will just continue to illegally download their books. And that the author, having never made any money because of the illegal downloads, will not be able to keep writing.

Read more of his interview here.

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