aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Creating a future I didn't believe

I'm bagging a post-apopolyptic book I've been seeing pushed everywhere by the publisher. The downside of that genre is you have to do a credible job of creating a new world. For good examples, see The Hunger Games or Life As We Knew It. I believed in both of the worlds those authors created.

In this author's 2045, "The tented rooms used by prostitutes are cherry red. There's one on every corner. Inside, male and female prostitutes provide a variety of sexual services for so many credits each...Customers wait outside for their turns. They're unconcerned who sees them queued up between the velvet ropes. It's custom in the Confederation. Men wave as their neighbors pass. Women talk to one another about recipes and cleaning supplies, then disappear through the front door and come back out again, pink-faced and smiling."

My two problems:
- Narrator lives in this world. Why would she think it strange that the customers are unconcerned with being seen.
- Women? Queueing up for a brothel? I find that hard to believe. I don't think women are hard-wired to want anonymous sex with a stranger.

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