aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

JD Salinger and me

I just heard that JD Salinger has died.

When I first got my agent, she worked at Harold Ober, which represented the estates of Faulkner, Fitzgerald, and Agatha Christie. And they repped JD Salinger. I once lied and said I had lost a copy of their client list just so I could see my name on the same page as JD Salinger's (my list had been given me when I was deciding to go with them). Unfortunately, the Ss and the Hs were on different pages.

One post I wrote about Salinger and an unwanted visit another about Salinger and a talkative handyman.

Last October, I met Joyce Maynard, who wrote a tell-all about her long ago affair with Salinger. I have to admit I liked her. She was clearly a big reader.

I guess now he'll find the peace he craved.

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