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Trade paperbacks grow in popularity

I’m so old that I remember a world before trade paperbacks. You had your hardcover, and your mass market pocketbooks.

Trade paperbacks are increasingly popular, according to the USA Today. "If we want to appeal to a twentysomething audience, we have to do it at an affordable price," says Carrie Kania of HarperPerennial, which will publish a record 100 or so paperback originals this year. "And a trade paperback is the price of a new CD."... And the format has been a winning introduction to readers for best-selling authors such as Richard Russo, Sophie Kinsella and Jhumpa Lahiri, whose first books were paperback originals.”

Read more about the rise in popularity in trade paperbacks here.

Face of Betrayal is now available in a trade paperback. There’s no hard “on sale” date for this version, like there was for the hardcover, so Amazon has been selling it since about mid-month.

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