aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Avatar: Why couldn't the story be as good as the special effects?

We finally went to see Avatar on Sunday. I am so glad we saw it in 3-D, because I don't think it would have been worth it otherwise (I know many people will probably disagree). Nothing in the story line surprised me. It was kind of a paint-by-numbers deal that at times defied its own internal logic.

- The Home Tree is vital to the people. Yet toward the end of the movie, we find out there are other tribes. Do they have Home Trees, too?

- To ride a dragon, it must choose you. Yet to ride the red dragon, I guess all you need to do is surprise it.

- The best they could do for that mineral was call it "Unobtanium"?

- When did Jake Sully have time to get all those beads put into his avatar hair? His hairstyle got ever more elaborate.

- To keep the PG-13 level, native women have little scraps of cloth or necklaces that miraculously cover their nipples at all times. Ditto the green vines that grow over Grace.

I loved the look of it. I just wished the story had been as good as the special effects.

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