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There's different - and there's out there

A few years back, when kid was in preschool, another parent took me to lunch. He had written a book and wanted to be published. I've had this lunch several times with various people.

But this guy was in a category of his own. When I asked him to compare his book to any other book or author, he said he couldn't. His book was totally unique. With relish, he told me it had very graphic violence AND was extremely funny. Chortling, he said, "There's this part where the woman's severed head is found spinning on the record turntable! And it's hysterical!" Just thinking about it had him doubled over with laughter.

Gak! All I could think was "That poor kid!" I hope she grows up completely unaware of what her dad thinks is hysterically funny. [Full disclosure: I will admit that perhaps there is some way it could be funny, maybe in a very cartoony way, like Itchy and Scratchy, but talking to him, I didn't feel it.]

It is good to be different, but not so unique that no one else has done it. There may be a reason there are no really humorous and gruesomely violent books.

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