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A place to point teens who like to write

HarperTeen has launched Inkpop, described as “an interactive writing platform and community for teenagers.”

Of course, there’s an upside for Harper. “As with all of our online consumer programs, the concept of community-building is aligned with our ongoing corporate digital marketing efforts to cultivate a two-way dialogue with our readers,” said Susan Katz, president and publisher of HarperCollins Children’s Books, in a statement. “Inkpop provides us with an interactive platform to engage directly with our audience, encourage a passion for writing, and discover new trends and opportunities in this growing and important community.”
An editorial board of Harper editors will review the top five member selections each month, offering feedback on their work as well as, potentially, the possibility of publication.

If you know of a teen who likes to write, it might be worth checking out, at Inkpop.com.

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