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First of all, I'm thankful for all the friends I have in my life, including my friend who found out Monday that she DOESN'T have breast cancer even though the surgeon was pretty sure that she did. And my mom and my husband and my kid are all wonderful.

Sometimes I worry about material things, but lately I have been reminding myself that I can afford to buy whatever food I want . I have plenty of beautiful clothes (bought on ebay - I'm an expert at it), my kid has money in a college account, I have heaps of books I have yet to read. New hardbacks (because of my freelance work as a reviewer.) When I was a kid, that alone would have been heaven.

2.6 billion people have no sanitation.
1.3 billion have only limited access to clean water.
35 million people are living with AIDS. MILLION.

And I have a car with a button that puts heat in the seats.

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