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“Doing King Lear in a closet”

Audio books are a special beast. The Telegraph looks at how voice actors approach audio books. One marks up the book with different colors. “Each character’s name is written in a different colour felt tip. That’s 16 different colours – and his choice of colour is important. ‘When I see lavender, I know it’s Aunt Connie. The Duke of Dunsforth is a brownish sort of colour. Like his suit.’ When Jarvis recorded David Copperfield, he made Uriah Heep green – like his teeth. 'The colours on the page do something to my brain a nanosecond quicker than if I was just reading a normal script.’”

The article also says the sales of audiobooks are also going up - wonder if that’s true this side of the pond as well? And it says that downloads have led to fewer abridgments.

Read more about audiobooks here.

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