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Killer had a knack for writing "dread and suspense"

Amy Bishop, who killed when she was denied tenure, was in a writing group. The Boston Globe says, "other aspiring authors recalled that the biologist-writer was talented but awkward. Bishop had penned three dramatic novels - a suspense thriller about an IRA operative; a tale about a virus that made all women barren and ended mankind [Hm - wasn't that the plot of Children of Men?]; and a book she titled “Martians in Belfast,’’ which recounted the life of a girl growing up during the Troubles of Ireland, according to Rob Dinsmoor, a member of the Hamilton Writers Group, which Bishop attended in the late 1990s."

“She really had a knack for writing character, dread, and suspense,’’ Dinsmoor said. But, he said, she sometimes felt ill at ease in the academic world. “She didn’t know how to interact with them. She would just say what’s on her mind, and that would get her in trouble.’’

Read more about Amy Bishop here.

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