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Do you have a Kindle? I need your help

I put all my old books back on the Kindle. But for my first book, Circles of Confusion, I did not have the old Word file. So I had the book scanned in and translated to a Word file.

But it did not go smoothly. I've had people tell me that there are weird random hyphens in places where there should be no hyphens at all, periods in places where there shouldn't be periods, type that changes font and size, and typos. I tried a few times to fix it and just ended up stripping out the formatting and reformatting the whole thing. You can do a tiny preview on Amazon's page, and what I can see looks okay there. But that's happened before.

So dear blog readers who own Kindles, can you help a girl out, as sadly, I do not have a Kindle? I will personally send you $1.99 on Paypal (or send you $2 in the mail) to reimburse you for the cost of Circles of Confusion, if you can look through it and see if the problems have persisted.

Email me personally at aprilhenrymysteries at yahoo dot com if you can help.

And thanks in advance!

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