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How does a publisher build buzz?

Well, one way is to pay for an issue of Shelf Awareness dedicated solely to your author’s book.

And in that issue, Shelf Awareness reveals some of the things done for The Sky Is Everywhere. [Aside - there is an Amazon video on the site. I know the book is about a girl who plays the clarinet. So why did they choose what sounds like harpsichord music for the video?]

Shelf Awareness says:
Part of the challenge with a debut novel is spreading the word about a terrific new author. Penguin Young Readers Group began an early buzz campaign for The Sky Is Everywhere in July 2009 with its sales reps' reviews and the first two chapters of the book. The publisher followed up in September and October by distributing hundreds of galleys at the regional trade shows and with dinners to introduce booksellers to author Jandy Nelson in San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, New York City and Detroit/Ann Arbor. The book also received major promotion at school and library conferences.
To help with sell-through, Penguin has created a nine-copy floor display (9780803735194), and all the makings for a "Plant-a-Poem" movement.  Penguin will supply materials to booksellers to encourage their customers to "plant" a poem in the store (just the way Lennie left poems all over her California town of Clover).
In addition, the publisher will offer support through a dedicated consumer website, a book trailer and author video, a national print and radio media campaign, and extensive online advertising on TeenNick.com, the Hearst network, GoodReads.com and ReadingGroupGuides.com.
Will it work? I guess we’ll know in March, when the book comes out.

Read the dedicated issue of Shelf Awarness here.

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