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The story of Betsy Bird and Fuse #8

Forbes.com has an article about Betsy Bird [whom I have actually met! And was nervous around!! And she was nice!!!]

It says in part: "How does a 31-year-old librarian from Kalamazoo, Mich., draw such honors? Not even Dan Blank, director of content strategy at Reed Business Information (who oversees 300 bloggers, including Bird) understands what animates her quirky passion. "Betsy lives, eats and breathes children's literature. Her book reviews are thousands of words longer than the books she's reviewing," he says. "She channels her oddness into this niche blog, which then extends beyond its niche. Why was she born to do this? Who knows?"

Bird launched her blog on blogspot in 2006 with the curious title of Fuse #8, named after a faulty car part. "The fuse that turned my car into Linda Blair," says Bird. Two years later her blog was discovered by staffers at School Library Journal, owned by Reed, who offered her $500 per month and a small cut of ad revenue to move the site to SLJ."

I sure hope she's making more than $500 now. You can read the whole article here.

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