aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Need to force yourself to write?

Need to force yourself to write? Here are some ideas:

- Sign a contract in which you don’t receive the next part of your advance until you do accomplish a certain task, like turn in a finished manuscript. Have no money in savings, and an empty cupboard and refrigerator. Eating is a great motivator.

- Set goals for word counts, and don’t allow yourself to do certain things you enjoy (such as eat, look at the Internet, etc), until you have met them

- If you have a Mac, you can use MacFreedom. You tell it how long you want the Internet on your computer not to work (up to eight hours) and once you enable it, you can’t go online unless you reboot your computer.

- I know several authors who ask their spouses to hide their Ethernet cables (and who must not have wifi).

- Still desperate? You could try Write or Die. Be aware (or beware) that I think some of the strictest modes start erasing your words if you don’t keep writing.

What are your tricks?

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