aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

My brushes with famous actors

In 1992, I was staying at the Claremont Hotel in Oakland California for a work conference. Scenes from Mrs. Doubtfire were being filmed at the hotel. While some of my fellow attendees ran into Robin Williams, I ended up in the workout area at the same time as Pierce Brosnan (star of the new thriller, Ghostwriter, which, sadly, was not thrilling at all).

Brosnan is a small guy with a big head, built kind of a like a lollipop. He got on the treadmill, ran like a gazelle for about eight minutes, and then got off, while the rest of us carefully pretended that we did not see him. Then he used a few of the weight machines. I ended up using the leg press machine right after him.

I can leg press 20 more pounds than Double-0-7.

And then there’s Joel David Moore. He plays a scientist in Avatar (and is standing in the center back of the photo). He’s also a Portland native. Back around the time he was in Dodgeball, I had coffee with writer Jess Walter and Moore was drinking coffee in the corner of the coffee shop. Back then he was blond.

I have no idea if I can leg press more than Moore.

How about you? What brushes with famous people have you had?

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