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Do you want to meet great authors? Do you want to support a good cause?

And do you live in the Portland area? Because you should totally come to Homeword Bound, a fundraiser for affordable housing.

The headliners are Matt Love, author of Citadel of the Spirit, and Willy Vlautin, who is not only an author, but handsome (last time I saw him he had broken his arm horseback riding, which just added to his charm), AND he is the main guy behind the great indie band Richmond Fontaine. [Full disclosure: Yes, I am in like with him, which is only possible to admit because a)I’m older, b)I’m married, and c)last time I saw him he was with a beautiful girl with eyes like a doe and a body like a ballerina’s.]

The other authors are:
Debra Gwartney•April Henry•Bart Kingg •Joe Kurmaskie•Jeff Mapes•Loyce Martinazzi R. Gregory Nokes•Naseem Rakha•David Michael Slater•Tim Sproul

Friday, April 9, 2010
6–10 pm
Tualatin Country Club
Tickets $65: Includes dinner and a silent auction. You can also buy books at the event.
Reservations required: call 503.293.4038 or www.cpahinc.org

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