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So what really happens when you give away free e-books?

So what happens when a publisher give away free e-books? Do they hurt the sales of real books on paper? For a week or two last year, our publisher gave away copies of Face of Betrayal (A Triple Threat Novel), only a few weeks after it had been published in hardcover.

A research paper begins, “Increasingly, authors and publishers are freely distributing their books electronically to increase the visibility of their work. A vital question for those with a commercial stake in selling books is, “What happens to book sales if digital versions are given away?” We used BookScan sales data for four categories of books (a total of 41 books) for which we could identify the date when the free digital versions of the books were made available to determine whether the free version affected print sales. We analyzed the data on book sales for the eight weeks before and after the free versions were available. Three of the four categories of books had increased sales after the free books were distributed.”

To read the entire study, click here.

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