aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Clever, creepy - or both?

An article on Yahoo News begins: ""Little Billy" was in a jam: His parents blamed him for dismembering his sister's doll, but the dog did it. How could he clear his name?

"He scribbled a note to Robert Shapiro, the high-priced O.J. Simpson attorney, who counseled him to gather forensic evidence, examine the doll's body for tooth marks or dog saliva, or find an alibi witness who would get him off the hook. No charge for the advice.

"Advice from such a high place was not unusual for Billy. Over the years diplomats, politicians, celebrities — even notorious criminals — offered guidance in response to the grade-schooler's handwritten inquiries."
Only "Little Billy" was not 10 years old, as he told the folks he wrote to. He was an adult. And now he's published a book, Little Billy's Letters: An Incorrigible Inner Child's Correspondence with the Famous, Infamous, and Just Plain Bewildered, collecting the letters he got in response to the letters he scrawled on notebook paper.

Read more about how he punked people here.

I have to say I have multiple thoughts about this:
- I get contacted by folks from time to time. I'm less likely to ignore the kids. But maybe they're not really kids.
- There's a plot in here someplace.
- I kind of feel sorry for the folks who put a lot of energy into their advice for an imaginary person.

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