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Just what the world needs: Duchess of York to "write" children's books

The Duchess of York and Sterling Children's Books will publish Helping Hand Books, a series designed to help children understand personal and social issues that affect them growing up, including starting school, coping with bullying and learning about strangers.

I know I probably shouldn't say it, but when I read that I threw up in my mouth a little. Even leaving aside the open question as to who is really writing the books, I just find Fergie off-putting.

One of the very first posts I ever made to LiveJournal was back in 2006, and it was about an interview she gave to Ladies Home Journal. She said, "Did you know I'm going to have my own radio show? Maybe on Sirius. And my own TV show! And I've just signed a deal with St. Martins Press to write a historical novel - the next Gone with the Wind. I sold it without one chapter written! It's all in my head. My heroine is Lady Margaret, with red hair, and it takes place in the south of Ireland in 1759. I am Lady Margaret at the end of the day. It will be Pride and Prejudice meets 24!"

Let's fast forward a bit: book - cancelled. Radio show - pretty sure that never happened. TV show - can find no mention of it.

My original post.

There are so many talented writers out there. But they aren't getting deals to do 12-part series books on some very overworked topics.

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