aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Why there was a TV camera inside my house

Because of LiveJournal! Because of dlgarfinkle!

We met on LiveJournal about four years ago. And over time, Debby has become my real friend even though I have never seen her and for all I know she could be an 98-year-old man who has just found some cute userpics and written some really good books.

Because Debby heard about a producer who was looking to feature two friends who had never met in person, but still considered each other close friends. And that would be us!

It turned out not to be a TV crew, but instead a cameraman named Tadd. I swept up all the dead ants before he came, and he pretended not to see me brush an ant off the dining room table. I don't think he noticed the milk I spilled under the refrigerator, which has not yet started to smell. Besides, I heard his stomach gurgling when he was doing closeups of my hands typing, so we are kind of even.

I was supposed to be pretending to be typing to Debby, but instead I typed things like, "I am typing really fast! I am holding in my stomach! I do not think he saw the ant, but I am not sure!"

I took some Afrin before he came, so I was able to breath, in a fake sort of way, but I think I still sounded like I started the day with a cigarette and a glass of whiskey.

And since you most likely only know me from the Internet, you will probably never know if I do or not.

The segment, along with some other lifestyle pieces, will get sent out to TV stations across the country sometime next month, and each station will decide if they want to use it. I sure hope to be able to have a link.

Let me know - please! - if you see it.

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