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Using real places in fictional ways

British author Lalie Walker set her most recent thriller at the Marché Saint Pierre, a huge fabric store that is a beloved Parisian fixture.

She loves the store, and thought the book a tribute, but "arguing that certain passages in her fictional depiction of a business rocked by threats, voodoo and staff abductions are defamatory, they are taking her to court and demanding €2m (£1.8m) in damages." And the store director said, "No one can have anything to do with or talk about the Marché Saint Pierre without the authorisation of the owner and the director. It's defamation."

Read the rest of the story here.

I've had one publisher change the name Starbucks because a character said another establishment served better coffee. Too risky. The publisher of our Triple Threat series loves that we use real Portland restaurants (always in a positive light). And my next YA thriller, Girl Stolen, decided it was okay that the kidnapped girl was the president of Nike's daughter, but the story isn't about Nike at all.

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