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Avert your eyes, Twilight fans

NPR has a little fun taking apart Twilight:
Marc: Right. And as for the little mocking I did there of Meyer's previously-discussed tendency to pick the bluntest, least-interesting analogy, allow me to quote the following, from page 190:

"I quickly rubbed my hand across my cheek, and sure enough, traitor tears were there, betraying me."

That's like saying, "I took a bite, taking some of the food in my mouth." Who writes like that? Who edits and leaves that in?

Linda: TRAITOR TEARS! You know what traitors do? They betray you.

Marc: Right. That's why you call them traitor tears. YOU DON'T HAVE TO EXPLAIN THAT THAT THEREFORE MEANS THEY BETRAY YOU. Somebody's stupid here, and I think she thinks it's me. (Also: "traitor tears" is walking the line as it is.)


Marc: It's just this wildly florid prose that's wielded with the subtlety and repetition of a jackhammer, all in the service of a story that's going nowhere being told by a girl who seems to be fighting me for the gold medal in a not-liking-her contest.

Linda: Hee.

Marc: I have also discovered, which is annoying me, Meyer's propensity for inserting clauses, where they will dangle, in the middle of sentences.
Read one part of the NPR blog about Twilight here and read the rest here.

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