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Vote for your favorite title for an upcoming book

An author has a) gotten desperate to name his new book, b) is in a death battle over a title he doesn't like or c) has figured out how to get some great publicity.

Or possibly all three.

Timothy Hallinan says, "My fourth Poke Rafferty thriller, set - like the others - in Bangkok, is due out this August, and it's got everything but a title. At the moment, in the William Morrow Catalog, it's called Title TK. "TK," for some reason known only to publishers, means "to come." No matter what it means, I think it lacks that certain snap that makes a reader pick up a book. So the people at Morrow and I are asking your help in naming it."

Well, I do know one more thing than Mr. Hallinan. TK is actually a newspaper term. Although I'm not sure anyone knows why it's called TK vs. TC.

You can vote for one of three titles here. Me? I like his choice.

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