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Shelf Awareness has fun with April Fool's Day

Shelf Awareness has a special April Fool's Day issue which you can read here.

In part, it reads: "The Collected Works of President-for-Life Obama will begin appearing with the fall season. The initial volume covers the first decade of his life and includes notes to his mother, letters to relatives and homework assignments. "We're so excited," said editor Sonny Mehta. "Even in Dearest Leader's earliest writings, we can see the seeds of Great Obamaism." Obama will also be co-author with Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Gauleiter Harry Reid of The Mod Squad: Yes, We Can and Yes, We Did! The trio will tour with Vice-Regent Joe Biden, whose new work is called A Big F**king Book, which he inadvertently wrote last week."

Despite my killer cold, I'll have to remember to be alert for NPR pulling one over on me. Years and years ago, when Teen was Toddler, NPR had a story about how the hottest trend was girls getting their navels removed in a kind of mini-tummy tuck so they could have a smooth belly. They interviewed a mom who tearfully felt that her daughter was negating the role the mom had had in bringing her into the world, and a guy who ran a chain of mall stores called The Naval Academy. I was so sleep deprived that I actually called my friend Vicki and told her about it. I think I believed it until about April 2.

They have also covered maple trees exploding because they haven't been tapped, and the government's efforts to transfer important recordings onto wax cylinders (luckily, I did not fall for those two.)

Do you have a favorite April Fool's Day hoax?

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