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We all know YA is hot - but wouldn't you like to know more?

Wow - I wish I could have been there to eavesdrop. A panel of agents presented Publishers Weekly's "Beyond Twilight: What's Hot in the Teen Market in Publishing and Hollywood." I mean you know it's a pretty impressive session when Susan Katz, president and publisher of HarperCollins Children's Books, is just sitting in the audience.

Here's part of what was said:
"Claire Lundberg, a literary scout for MGM and United Artists, acknowledged that the film studios continue to see "a lot of paranormal; a lot of vampires, angels, zombies and a fair amount of werewolves are still getting optioned. I'm tired of it but I'm not sure the kids are."

"Of course both industries are interested in what's popular—what will sell to teens—and Stephen Barbara, an agent with Foundry Literary + Media, said that maintream YA titles were not being completely edged out by paranormal blockbusters. But he also made the obvious point that "it's easier to sell a big book with a hook than coming-of-age realism." Barbara also emphasized the country's demographics, saying "there's a huge number of teen readers," and pointed to their enthusiasm. "It's an age group that is not afraid to love a book." Barbara said he expects to see more "big across the board, multi-platform franchises."
Read more about what was said here.

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