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Ghostwriter to the stars

A British ghostwriter spills the beans about what his job ghosting celeb autobiographies is really like. In an article, he says, “Getting the interview is just the first hurdle, though. Most subjects assume that the ghost simply transcribes their conversations and that's it – book finished. I've lost count of the times I've been asked, "Why haven't I seen a copy yet? We finished it last week.” They have no idea of the level of research that starts at that point, and the worst thing is you can never tell them. If I published half the things my subjects have said they would either be locked up or laughed out of town. And I don't think I'd be hired again either. One sweet older actress from a long-running BBC drama series told me some of the most amazing stories I've ever heard, about who she'd had affairs with, worked with or bumped into in the street. But every anecdote I checked out just didn't stand up to scrutiny. Either she was in a different country at the time, they weren't famous then – or on one occasion the person she was supposed to have met hadn't yet been born.”

Read more about the pitfalls - and perks - of being a ghostwriter here.

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