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Mysteries and thrillers may be coming to a big screen near you

Variety takes a look at adapting mysteries and thrillers for the movies.

"As far as Evanovich is concerned, there's no downside to a movie adaptation: "My feeling has always been, if the movie sucks, people are the going to say the book's better, and if the movie's good, more people are going to read the book.""

But some books are hard to adapt for film. "A powerful lit agent suggests that the very qualities that help make these novels so popular may work against them in film adaptations. Relatable everyman or woman characters appeal to readers but may not be considered sexy or mysterious enough to carry a film. The modern day equivalents of Agatha Christie whodunits and Dashiell Hammett detective stories tend to appear on the smallscreen these days. "The problem with hardcore mystery writers," the agent says, "is their books tend to be a much smaller canvases and are much better suited for television. But then they're competing against the 'CSI's, 'Without a Trace's -- all the procedurals.""

Read more of the article here.

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