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Five thousand dollars for 2.2 million books

Lori Degman won he Cheerios New Authors Contest in 2008. The prize was $5,000 in cash, a publishing contract with Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers and the mass distribution of her books in cereal boxes. The book is also being printed in hardcover, so I would assume she would have the chance to earn out her advance and make some royalties on the hardcover.

Copies of 1 Zany Zoo, Degman's illustrated counting book for children ages 4-8, are being distributed for free in Cheerios boxes as part of the General Mills cereal's "Spoonfuls of Stories" campaign.

Degman had written off and on for years, getting more serious when her younger son went off to college. “She joined the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators and began attending conferences and critique groups. "I honestly never really thought I was going to get a bite [from a publisher]," she said.”

Interestingly, she also says, "The funny thing is, the week before I won the contest, I had sent the story in to the SCBWI for a critique. The person who looked at it didn't like it at all. If nothing else, that shows you how subjective this whole business is."

Read her whole story here.

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