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What’s taking the place of the book tour?

What’s taking the place of the book tour? For some authors, it’s nothing. For others, it’s blog tours or Facebook or...

An article in the Philadelphia Enquirer says, “Random House publicist David Drake, who is coordinating Kelley's appearances, says only a few A-list authors still enjoy the classic perk - a book tour. "Kitty is doing an old-fashioned tour: Full media and event appearances in 10 cities over three months," he says. "But for many mid-list authors, the economics of putting an author on the road are forbidding." Fantasy, horror, and romance writer L.A. Banks, 50, misses the good old days. "You would sit down with marketing folks to come up with a campaign," she says. And today? "Puhleeeze!", she says, adding a sigh for effect.”

The article also quotes Publishers Weekly features editor Andrew Albanese. “Consider Rebecca Skloot, he says - the science writer who devised and mounted her own publicity campaign for her new tome, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. "She's now on this crazy book tour . . . and she's getting huge crowds. . . . She did it by using social media to personally reach out, almost one by one, to readers," Albanese says. "She really moved the needle herself."”

Well, Rebecca used a lot of venues and is very media saavy. Plus she wrote non-fiction about something with an incredible hook, well-suited to traditional media pitches. So I don’t think it’s all Facebook.

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