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The karma of blurbs

I have been a blurb beggar. You really are a beggar when you ask for blurbs. The blurb-er really gets nothing in return, and in fact, loses time and risks awkward moments if he or she doesn’t like the book. (Occasionally I’ll be told - rather aggressively - that the blurb-er is actually doing the blurb-er a favor, because the blurb-er get their name on the back of a book, but since often a book by an unknown author does not sell a ton of copies, I don’t buy it.)

I have also given blurbs. And I’ve turned down people who wanted blurbs for a variety of reasons. [Note to self: don’t use the excuse that you are on horrible deadline and won’t be free for months, because the window for blurbs will suddenly be opened much wider.]

So are there any karmic rules for blurbs? An editor thinks so. Read her thoughts here.

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