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Claire Montrose lives on - on Kindle and in person

My first published book was the start of a mystery series that went on to have four books, all featuring a sleuth named Claire Montrose. A few days ago I got the most interesting email.

"My daughter was born Jan.4, 2007, and later that year her father googled her name and your books came up. You see, our daughter is actually Claire (Noelle) Montrose." While it's a total coincidence, I also think it's totally cool. I'm send real-life Claire first editions of all four books.

Years ago, Google had revealed to me another Claire Montrose in Washington State. Possibly fearing litigation, my editor at HarperCollins said I should not contact her. After hearing from toddler Claire's mom, I went looking for her again, and found her at www.clairemontrose.com, a domain I almost bought. What the heck, I figured, and emailed her. It turns out Claire Montrose is a name she has given herself, after St. Francis' sweetheart, Clare. Montrose came from mountain, and rose.

Inspired by Joe Konrath and Lee Goldberg, I have put all of my backlist books (including the four you see above) on the Kindle. Click here to see all my books on Kindle - many for just $2.99.. Have some other kind of e-reader, like a Nook or an iPad? Then check out my books on Smash Words.

Joe and Lee both make hundreds, even thousands of dollars each month with their Kindle sales. But they are authors who already had a following. What about people who are self published? Joe talks to a woman who has been amazingly successful even though she is only publishing on the Kindle.

I don't know if these three are the exception or the rule. I've been making less than $200 a month from my Kindle sales, but then again, I'm not promoting the books at all, and Karen seems to have put a quite a bit of time in.

Have you put an out-of-print book on the Kindle or a book that has gone straight to Kindle? What has your experience been?

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