aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

This almost sounds like an April Fool’s Day joke - but it’s real

London’s Guardian reports, “Later this year a group of 12 students in New England will be given a series of specially designed texts to read. Then they will be loaded into a hospital MRI machine and their brains scanned to map their neurological responses.”

It also says, “Vermeule is examining the role of evolution in fiction: some call it "Darwinian literary studies". It looks at how human genetics and evolutionary theory shape and influence literature, or at how literature itself may be an expression of evolution. For instance, the fact that much of human fiction is about the search for a suitable mate should suggest that evolutionary forces are at play. Others agree that fiction can be seen as promoting social cohesion or even giving lessons in sexual selection. "It is hard to interpret fiction without an evolutionary view," said Professor Jonathan Gottschall at Washington and Jefferson College, Pennsylvania.”

Read more here.

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