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At 6:30 a.m., I printed out Shadows Walking Backward to send to my agent. I've gone over it myself many, many times on the screen, and once as a print out. (For some reason, you see thing on paper that you don't see on the screen.) I've read most of it out loud. (Again, for some reason, you notice more stuff that way, too.) I've also had two good writing friends give me their take. They are worth their weight in gold, because not only did they tell me what didn't work, but they gave me suggestions for fixing those places.

Because this is a book about a blind girl who's kidnapped, I want to get some simultaneous reviewers to make sure it's accurate. Blind people, like everyone else, have a range of abilities. I want this book to be plausible. Of course Cheyenne may be a little more brave and a little more lucky than a real girl would be (a real girl might be dead in the first 10 pages), but I am writing entertainment, not a police report. Anyway, I'll ask a blind woman who is a mystery fan, and a woman who is a guide dog instructor (and lucky me, also a mystery fan) to look it over.

Now I've freed up my plate, at least for a little while. There are a couple of possibilities for what will fill it next. I have a regular YA column I just started for the Oregonian, and a story due to The Writer magazine by the end of the month. But that still leaves room for an entree. There are a couple of choices on the menu.

I just hope my agent likes Shadows as much as I do!

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