aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Will people buy more Kindle books if they cost 99 cents? An experiment

This summer, Amazon is changing around the way it pays royalties to folks who self-pub on the Kindle, or who, like me, bring back their old out-of-print books to the Kindle. Royalty rates will rise to 70%, but you can’t price your book at less than $2.99 to get that.

To get ready, last month I upped the prices on all the KIndle books I control to $2.99. Sales slowed down, even though I also had a new book out with Lis Wiehl.

That got me curious. So I’m running a little test. For the month of May, I’m dropping my prices to 99 cents each.

I’ll report back.

Here's a link to all my books on the Kindle.

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