aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Your laugh for the day - what BookExpo 2024 will look like

This piece in Publishers Weekly by author Gary Shteyngart had me laughing out loud.. It's supposed to a report on BookExpo 2024 and begins:
I am delighted to report that the 2024 Book Expo America was a smashing success, shattering every record imaginable! Over 40 people attended, an increase of roughly 5% over last year's 38. Once again, the Expo was held at Ruth Cohen's apartment on Riverside Drive (thank you, Ruthie!). Barnes & Bordles set up a nice little stand downstairs in the boiler room, trying to sell off a small portion of the roughly 92 million remainders from fiscal years 2010 through the present. Jimmy the doorman couldn't have been more helpful in getting the attendees into the elevator and up to Ruthie's apartment. (Not an easy task, believe me, since so many of us have ambulatory issues.)

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