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Tyra Banks says "I'm writing true literature"

Well, if there is a ghost, s/he must be writhing in pain reading this in Variety.
" "I then realized that I needed to do this myself," she said. "I have this notebook I write everything in and started working on titles and breaking down characters. And I kept going and going. I knew I didn't want it to be some autobiography; I wanted to create a fantastical place."

Banks said the books shouldn't be considered "chick lit" but will contain messages of empowerment within the fantasy storyline. "I wanted to make the project a little more what my brand is," she said. "And give (readers) an experience that they haven't seen when it comes to this modeling world."

Banks said she sees "Modelland" as eventually turning into a feature franchise and has already received interest from studios. "I'm not writing the books as scripts," she said. "I'm writing true literature, which can then be adapted into film by Bankable.""

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