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Tips to get kids reading

The Guardian interviewed publishing expert Michael Norris about a new study showing that, despite the best intentions, it is well-meaning mothers and fathers who often stop their sons and daughters from picking up the reading habit. “First, he argues, reading should never be described with "work words" which make it seem like a chore. Too many families, Norris suggests, have fallen into the trap of stereotyping reading as a "good" activity and digital or online game playing as "bad". Instead, it is important to let reading become associated with pleasure and achievement, just as game playing is.”

Read more about what he had to say here.

Teen is kind of bored by reading - even Hunger Games failed to move her. She reads well and has a great vocabulary, but it doesn't draw her in. Any tips? Because I feel like I'm mandating it, kind of like we have some minimum standards around exercise and a healthy diet.

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