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I've been there

I was thinking this morning about my new book coming out this fall, Girl, Stolen.

I've got a really good feeling about this book. Sometimes, though, I worry about sharing good news, because I know a lot of people reading this blog are still waiting for their good news, wondering if it will ever come.

I have been there, in all its incarnations, including after I was published (a point which a lot of people thinks means you have made it and will keep on making it).
- I went through over a hundred rejections before I got an agent (with my second book).
- That agent submitted not one, but two books that never saw the light of day.
- I have been dropped by a publisher (while on book tour for a series, which resulted in my having the "deer in the headlights" look whenever anyone cheerfully asked me, "So, what's next?")
- I have written four books over the last 13 years that did not get picked up (even though I was already a published author) (writing for an already saturated market is one problem, and writing books that don't quite fit any category is another problem).
- I have been with a house that did little more than publish the book.
- I have had a book I loved, a book I thought was one of the best things I had written, rejected rather dismissively by one of my editors.

And I've had a lot of great things happen in the last 13 years as well. And I'm still being published, despite a couple of times (one lasted a couple of years) when I wondered if it was over. In fact, I now have contracts for seven more books.

I think the trick is:
- to take joy in the writing.
- to never give up.
- to do what you can to learn and grow. (I still check out writing books from the library, for example.)

And if you do those things, you will eventually get good news.

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