Girl Stolen

I've been there

I was thinking this morning about my new book coming out this fall, Girl, Stolen.

I've got a really good feeling about this book. Sometimes, though, I worry about sharing good news, because I know a lot of people reading this blog are still waiting for their good news, wondering if it will ever come.

I have been there, in all its incarnations, including after I was published (a point which a lot of people thinks means you have made it and will keep on making it).
- I went through over a hundred rejections before I got an agent (with my second book).
- That agent submitted not one, but two books that never saw the light of day.
- I have been dropped by a publisher (while on book tour for a series, which resulted in my having the "deer in the headlights" look whenever anyone cheerfully asked me, "So, what's next?")
- I have written four books over the last 13 years that did not get picked up (even though I was already a published author) (writing for an already saturated market is one problem, and writing books that don't quite fit any category is another problem).
- I have been with a house that did little more than publish the book.
- I have had a book I loved, a book I thought was one of the best things I had written, rejected rather dismissively by one of my editors.

And I've had a lot of great things happen in the last 13 years as well. And I'm still being published, despite a couple of times (one lasted a couple of years) when I wondered if it was over. In fact, I now have contracts for seven more books.

I think the trick is:
- to take joy in the writing.
- to never give up.
- to do what you can to learn and grow. (I still check out writing books from the library, for example.)

And if you do those things, you will eventually get good news.

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Gee, am I living your life or are you living mine?

I know that when I say I'm published and get smiles and nods, most people don't understand what that means. Only those who've GONE THE MILE do. You're advice is perfect and if you don't mind I'll be linking to this post next week. It warrants reiteration.

Thank you. At least I think so :) I'm going to save this post to re-read whenever life in the writing lane seems dire.
I need to print this too. One thing that helps (me) is to have a family that keeps cheering you on, even though you've been writing forever and seem to have nothing to show for it.
If I were to friends-lock this post, I would probably be even blunter about things that hurt - a lot! - when they happened.

I have faith in you!
Thank you! Your faith means a lot to me! Especially since mine wavers. This week I was thinking that maybe painting walls is my true calling.

Can't wait to read Girl Stolen.
Thank you so much for sharing this, and for sticking with it. I'm proud to know you - even if it's only on LJ :)

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April, this is a great post.

Please don't hesitate to post ANY good news. I'm so tired of all the negative. I don't want to stick my head in the sand, but I also hate this bombardment of negativity coming from--it seems like--75% of people involved with publishing.

I haven't submitted anything since the end of the 1960s series. Like you once did, I've been going through a time where I've wondered if I was finished. Now, I'm working steadily on the new project. I agree with all of your "tricks."

It seems the old saw that writers write is true. I just can't do anything else.
I think we are the only ones who can take ourselves out of the game.

For me, it's never been an option not to write.

And I think the publishing world has gotten tons better than say, a year ago. It feels much better now.
(here via jongibbs)

These are fears that hover in the back of my brain right now. I recently sold my first book, and these thoughts I never thought before are suddenly REAL!

I've always advocated: Write for the joy, the rest is all gravy. Now that I've a book coming out, it feels almost like fraud to keep saying it. <:-/ Thanks for reminding me that there WILL be ups and downs. Great post. (And for some reason I always see your name as April Penny. I have no idea why.)
(jongibbs sent me over) great post! it does seem that any writer you talk to has a series of ups and downs. even the "house names." writing is definitely a pick-yourself-up-by-the-boot-straps career.
Thanks for sharing, April. I love writing, so I'll just keep chugging along, no matter what the outcome.