aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

"Dad, what does sodomy mean?"

The Portland Police Bureau puts together something called the "Operation Safe Summer" brochure for kids in grades K through 5. "Distributed annually through Portland Public Schools to all district schools, [it] mostly includes information about summer programs for children at the Oregon Zoo, Portland Parks and Recreation and other activities.

"But this year, the Police Bureau included a new feature on the back page, which shows a buxom female superhero trumpeting "Measure 11 An Oregon Law." The sheet includes a listing of crimes, such as manslaughter, unlawful sexual penetration and sodomy, that could cause juveniles ages 15 or older to be tried as adults. It also explains some violations, such as "Sexual Abuse 1: You are baby-sitting (sic) or playing with a small child. You have sexual contact with them by touching their penis, vaginal area, or anus, or by making them touch you in those same places. You will go to prison and could be there for 6 years and 3 months.""

Understandably, the brochure is leading to some awkward moments. School districts are now recycling the brochure, but it's not certain how many went out.

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