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Lost in books

I didn’t catch Lost fever for a couple of years. When the series began, Teen was Kid. When I tried to watch the first show, she freaked out at the sight of the airplane engine that sucked in and killed a few unlucky survivors, and that was the end of that.

When she was a few years older, we got the series on DVD from Netflix over the course of one winter. I will always remember how we would sprawl on the bed eating icecream or cookies or things you probably shouldn’t eat on a bed, and occasionally turn to each other in amazement at some amazing twist.

Now Lost is going away. We have watched every episode, although I will admit that now (especially that we are watching it in real time, with endless commercials) we both often have computers open on our laps, and she is also thumbing away on her phone.

One thing I will miss about Lost is its love of books. I especially liked that they made bad boy Sawyer a reader.

Read more about the books on the show here. There’s even a link to a blog devoted to the books on Lost.

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